Kings Kids


KINGS KIDS is the children’s ministry of Light and Life Centre. The ministry is committed to the spiritual growth of the children. Our team is dedicated to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the children, leading them to accept Jesus as their personal Savior and teaching them the truth of God’s Word in a fun and practical way.

First we have a worship session together and some fun activities in the Children’s church before they depart in their different age groups where motivated teachers equip them with the Word.

The age categories for Kings Kids are:

2 – 4 years Toddlers

5 – 6 years Gr 0 and Gr R

7 – 9 years Juniors

10 – 12 years Seniors


Your kids are more than welcome to visit us!!!!


Sunday Morning: 09:30 | Sunday Evening: 18:00
Please see our weekly program for other related times.

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